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What Good Can B2B Telemarketing Give to Event Management Companies


Organizing events is a tough job. Event management companies in Singapore could not agree more. You have to make sure not just to invite intended audience but also ascertain if guests are sanguine to participate. It would be useless to set-up a trade show or a conference without meeting half or most of the expected population. In this case, event managers have to find the right way to attract participants through gentle persuasion.

Instead of slogging in face-to-face activities, why not use the phone and run a cold-calling campaign? Why tire your company and lose a lot of money with door-to-door undertaking if the task can be accomplished through telemarketing in Singapore? Although some companies may show doubts with this move, they just cannot gainsay that marketing through the phone does not just provide faster results. It is also an effective instrument in convincing attendants to participate in the organized events.

Speed has always been the biggest asset of B2B telemarketing. Singaporean firms that outsource lead generation services can attest to this. They have been served with qualified b2b sales leads without even exerting a lot of effort online and face-to-face interaction. The same is true in event management. Invitations are done at faster speed, which optimizes productivity. Apart from expediting the process, engaging a dialogue directly with the potential attendants gives the caller an opportunity to persuade them. This puts the phone as a reliable tool when for event management companies.

How to Generate Quality Technology Leads from Singapore


Singapore – derived from the Malay term Singapura which literally means the Lion City, is known for their wealthy and highly developed economy. A lot of industries contribute to the growth of their economy. In the Singapore economy section of guidemesingapore.com, they have a report on the city-state’s key industries. A snippet of their news article states:

“The manufacturing sector contributes anywhere between 20-30% to Singapore’s GDP annually. The major industries include electronics (semi-conductors, precision-engineering, etc.), pharmaceutical, chemicals, construction, and ship-building. Beginning in the last quarter of 2007 and until the second quarter of 2008, the manufacturing industry’s growth was quite sluggish. The slowdown can be attributed to various factors such as the weakening of the US dollar, general slow down of major economies and in turn, decrease in overseas demand.”

Among the stated industries, the electronic or technology sector is perhaps the most sought after market in this Southeast Asian city-state. The sector contributes to a large amount of Singapore’s economy in terms of GDP and PPP. It is no wonder that many are trying to contact the companies in this city-state that are dwelling within the information technology sector. They know that whenever a business successfully transacts with other companies located in Singaporean soil, they are bound to acquire a huge impact within their sales output. More sales mean more revenue, and an increase in revenue means a higher chance of achieving growth for the business.

In order to effectively get in touch with these Singaporean IT companies, there is a need for professional help and this can come in the form of well experienced telemarketers.

Why is there a need for the services of a telemarketing company?

First of all, it does not necessarily mean that only companies in Singapore are allowed to target other organizations and firms located in the same locale. There are times that even foreign companies would like to target IT companies within the Lion City. However, spending on airfare is definitely out of the question.

For this reason, telemarketing in Singapore can come in handy. Call centers can contact potential clients easily and effectively through the use of the telephone. So it would not matter if the business or the prospects are miles apart from each other. With the aid of the telemarketing firm, distance means nothing. Because of this innovation, large number of calls can be completed per day, more than a hundred in fact. So if the campaign would last for thirty business days and the average number of calls are around 160 a day, then the total number of prospects that can be contacted is around 4,500 by the end of the campaign period. Try doing that with traveling alone.

Lead generation with the aid of telemarketing is not only limited to just contacting prospects once. Once a potential client has been seen to have an interest in the purchase, telemarketers continue on with many other processes, like lead nurturing and lead qualification, to maximize the chances of the potential client to become a certified customer of the business.

Cold calling Singaporean IT companies is the best way to generate leads and even set business appointments with their decision makers or maybe just their sales representatives. Nonetheless, the services of these professional telemarketers should be acquired to lower down costs while still managing to increase a company’s ROI.

Source: http://www.guidemesingapore.com/relocation/introduction/singapores-economy

Do Your Telemarketing Properly Or Not At All


Telemarketing is the same with social media marketing, content marketing, or even advertisements. If you plan to use telemarketing or cold calling for your Singapore lead generation marketing campaign, then learn to do it properly, or else you will be wasting your time with a largely ineffective tool.

The best way to utilize telemarketing for your lead generation processes in Singapore is to hire a reliable professional telemarketing company to do the cold calling for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about sending in someone without enough experience or the proper tools. If, however, you decide to do the cold calling yourself (or plan to hire a team of your own), you need to be fully prepared before you start to do any sort of cold calling. Just having a telephone isn’t enough. While you might make it work somewhat, you’ll end up with a lot of missed business opportunities and a lot of frustrated b2b telemarketers and sales representatives.

You need to prepare the right equipment for your telemarketers. Even if it’s not high end technology, make sure your equipments are capable of sustaining continuous, heavy duty use; if not, it could cost you thousands of dollars having to replace everything frequently. Prepare your telemarketing script. If you don’t know how to write one, there are forums, blogs, and articles online that can help you write one for your company. Set aside a place for your b2b telemarketers so that they can concentrate on their calls. The room should not be noisy or else they won’t hear their business lead prospects, but it shouldn’t be too quiet or they could easily get bored and lose motivation.

Being prepared will save you a lot of headaches in the future. If you want to do telemarketing in Singapore, then do it well or don’t do it at all.

Generating VoIP Leads For Singapore’s Businesses


The internet is truly defining the way business in Singapore is being done. From data storage to transfer, it has increased the flexibility and capabilities of the businesses to thrive. The internet also gave birth to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VOIP providers can provide businesses with a more affordable means to communicate. This is a great aid for business owners – if they know such a service exists. That is why a lot of lead generation for telecommunication companies is being conducted. The aim here is to convert prospects into VoIP leads. Getting such telecom leads is very important in marketing.

Conducting a lead generation campaign requires that you use all means of communication possible. This is important, since we need to maximize our ability to talk and negotiate with business prospects. This can be a bit challenging if the specific task is in appointment setting. The challenge here is in choosing which tool to use. There are a variety of them available. For example, we have social media marketing, telemarketing, email campaign, as well as print advertising.

All of these have its strengths and weaknesses, but since telemarketing can be a good choice, especially if we need to get results fast, as well as additional flexibility that talking on the phone brings. Besides, as a VoIP provider, you ought to show your prospects that your system is good. So what better way to do that than to give them a call, right?

Yes, there is a need for lead generation for VoIP providers. One just needs the best medium to make it work.

The Need For Telemarketing In IT Managed Services


How Can Singapore Firms Globalize Effectively

If you are an IT managed services provider in Singapore, and you want to get more clients to come in, you will need a way to grab their attention. This is the reason for you to conduct a lead generation campaign. But you have to be sure that you are choosing the right way to do it. Depending on whether you have a marketing team or not, perhaps an appointment setting service is your type. In this case, it will also be necessary look for ones that can use a variety of communication mediums, like social media or telemarketing. This is all for the sake of you generating sales leads.

Of course, the idea of outsourcing the work can raise the eyebrows of a few of you out there. Still, this is a necessity. As IT professionals, you may not be familiar with the intricacies of calling prospects on the phone, so you might not be able to handle the task. If we put this in the Singaporean perspective, it will be better to just leave the job to professionals who know how to generate B2B leads better. There are other factors to be considered, like cost and efficiency, but the important point here is that generating sales leads requires professional help. Of course, you still have to choose which B2B leads generation service provider you should be working with.

There are plenty of them around, but you can be sure that only a few of them will need what you have. Good appointment setters can help your IT managed services to grow.

How To Generate B2B Leads In Singapore’s More Mobile Generation


How To Generate B2B Leads In Singapore’s More Mobile GenerationThese days, getting in touch with business prospects in Singapore has become a much more challenging task in lead generation. Most executives do not have a lot of time in their hands, and they might not be around their office desks much because of business meetings. But this is why you need to get in touch with them. Your success in appointment setting will depend on whether you can snag a business meeting with them. Given the increased mobility of businessmen, you will need an effective means to communicate with them, generating qualified sales leads. So, what should you be doing?

One medium of communication that still shows promise is in the use of telemarketing. Yes, we have all heard the criticisms, the risks, as well as the negative perception of this marketing vehicle, but how can we maximize our B2B leads campaigns? While it is true that there are more modern marketing tools at your disposal, like social media, email, and search engine marketing, it may take a long time to generate the desired sales leads. You need to speed up the process, and this is something that solve by giving them a call. Besides, with major decision makers often in places other than their main office, you need a more practical tool.

In case you do not have a marketing team of your own, worry not. You can outsource it to a capable lead generation firm familiar with the culture, norms, and industries in Singapore. It will be a wise business investment.

Three Ways To Grow Your Sales Leads In Singapore


Three Ways To Grow Your Sales Leads In Singapore

Singapore is certainly a country with an unlimited business potential, and a lot of investors and entrepreneurs are interested in it. Think of the various selling possibilities that you can take advantage of. Still, there is the challenge of actually getting your firm a business deal or two. That is the reason why an outsourced lead generation agency is needed. After all, generating B2B leads requires some marketing skills that only a handful of entrepreneurs have. Think about appointment setting, a more involved form of generating sales leads. You need to take note of some important pointers to grow B2B leads:

  1. Look at your current customers – remember, your previous customers can become your new customers, so make it a point to include them. It is especially helpful if you are using telemarketing, since you can communicate better.
  2. Use the referral system – you will be surprised to know how many opportunities you can get for your campaign when you ask for referrals from your current customers. After all, they would be the first to know if anyone needed something.
  3. Make your offer clear – this is one common fault for many marketers. Too often, they would tell prospects about business offers that may not sound to have any value at all. That is why it comes as no surprise how difficult it is to generate B2B leads.

Yes, you can grow your business in Singapore. Even if you do not have the skills or experience to follow the three marketing pointers, you can always outsource the work to a good lead generation firm.

A Lesson From Warren Buffett For Telemarketing In Singapore


A Lesson From Warren Buffet For Telemarketing In Singapore


Lead generation is serious business in Singapore. After all, how are you supposed to continue selling if you do not have any customers, right? For this to be successful, you need to hire the right people for the job of generating B2B leads. While there are a lot of qualities that you need to look for, perhaps the words of billionaire Warren Buffett can help you:

“Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.” - Warren Buffet

Yes, integrity means a lot. This is the a mental and moral compass that ensures quality product and services. without it, all your efforts will not be worth it. You may have the intelligence, but if you cannot prove to your business prospects that you are reliable, then you are nowhere near generating sales leads. You may have energy, but if all you do is something apart from appointment setting, then you succeed in nothing at all. You have to build the trust of your business prospects.

Buffett understood the value of integrity. As an investments expert, he knows the abject fear of people that they will lose their money in businesses they invest in. By showing them integrity, he earned their trust, kept their money safe (not to mention growing it), and made his company the powerhouse investment firm it is today. This can be done in your telemarketing campaign in Singapore as well.

Stop The Flu From Affecting Your Lead Generation Campaign In Singapore


Stop The Flu From Affecting Your Lead Generation Campaign In Singapore

If there is one thing that people in Singapore are terrified about, it has got to be the flu. In fact, so serious is this that those who have the flu (or suspect their officemates to have the flu) pretty much stays away from the office. Now that creates a problem, particularly where lead generation is concerned. In the first place, how will you generate qualified sales leads if you the people supposed to do it are not around? That would be the first thing that you need to take care of. And since this really is the flu season, you really have to make the necessary arrangements. So, how will you handle that?

  1. Plan on contingency roles – you need to plan the roles of everyone in case someone reports sick. This is crucial in ensuring that your appointment setting tasks function without interruption.
  2. Have an information drive – not that your employees are stupid, but it is advisable to remind them about the flu and how it is spread. This is also an opportunity for you to inform your people of medical services available.
  3. Use technology – if possible, you can arrange people to work at their homes, to minimize contact with each other. Some marketing tasks, like telemarketing need not be part of the campaign, so you can do this at home. When properly executed, you can still generate B2B leads this way.

Follow these simple tips, and you can be sure to have better chances for a flu-free lead generation campaign in Singapore.


Breaking The Bad News To Telemarketing Clients In Singapore


Breaking The Bad News To Telemarketing Clients In Singapore

Among the most stressful tasks that you have to do in your telemarketing campaign is reporting bad news to your clients. And that is the one thing many entrepreneurs pray they never do. But that is also the one thing that they have to do well, for the sake of their business and future in generating B2B leads. Pull it off badly, and you can say good-bye to your clients, and the bad press can make it harder for your appointment setting team to generate sales leads anymore. So, you need to know where to start, and how you can deliver the news softly.


Acknowledge the impact – your clients have deadlines, too, so you have to address that as well. Telling them that you understand the issue will tell your clients that they are still your first priority. From there, frame your conversation around reaching their goals.

Be direct and honest – go straight to the point. Beating around the bush not only delays the conversation, but will also irritate your clients as well. Show them that you are taking responsibility and that you are trying to minimize the damage.

Provide a solution – before you tell the client the problem, have a solution at the ready. In this way, you can show them that you can be trusted to solve the issue, gaining you credibility.


Still, it pays to be sure that problems do not arise in the first place. For the sake of your lead generation campaign in the future, you should be able to deliver what you promise.

What are the Benefits of Telemarketing?


What are the Benefits of Telemarketing?

It has been established that telemarketing is one of the most effective tools in marketing. Telemarketing is the process of advertising and selling a product or a service over the telephone. What makes it mainly effective is that the sales person can communicate directly to the targeted customers and consumers hence creating a solid foundation for an effective relationship with customers and consumers.


So what are the amazing benefits of telemarketing?

Instant Sales
The chief and important reason why telemarketing is effective because it yields immediate results. The sales person can create a sale during a call.  This is because the representative has the enough time to concisely explain the details of the product and services and other offers that could make the sale easier.  If customers have inquiries about the services and the products the representative can also immediately answer them thereby building trust that oftentimes lead to sales.

Builds a Strong Customer Relationship
Telemarketing is done through direct communication, between two participants. Customers often want to have the response to their questions answered directly and in a manner that they can understand. When the sales person talks to the customer, they get to have a peak at their personality giving them an understanding on how to approach the question of the customer. Sometimes although he customers ask the same questions, the answers should be right-sized to the customer. In telemarketing the relationship between a business organization and its customers becomes interactive thus promoting the customers loyalty to the business organization.

Immediate Interest
Everyone is a customer and based on observation, sales calls are rarely ignored.  A sales person has the power to grab a customer’s attention at the instance of the call, because a sales call is directed towards the individual customer unlike in mediums such as radio promotion and TV advertisement that goes broadly towards a general audience.

Round the Clock Support
Customers absolutely love a service that is available 24/7.  Some customers have inquiries popping out of their minds in wee hours or during weekends, and telemarketing call centers mostly operate every day of the week. This also gives the customers the liberty to call whenever they want. Being there when your customers need you adds to the factors that attract their loyalty.


If you evaluate telemarketing in details, there are so many benefits to it as long as its best practices are properly executed by the sales person or by the people handling the calls. In telemarketing, whoever represents your business, organization or your company, they must have the perfect knowledge to answer wide ranging questions of the customers.  They must also represent the company well and accurately. For all the good results to be reaped, you must sow the techniques properly.

Lessons from The Godfather: Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation


Lessons from The Godfather: Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation

It revived Marlon Brando’s career, and it launched Al Pacino into stardom. The Godfather has been on top of many lists of greatest films of all time since its release during the early 70’s, and on countless occasions it has been quoted, parodied, and referenced to, cementing its impact on pop culture as a true classic, an almost “perfect” film.

It teaches many valuable lessons in business, family, and life in general, and yes, even in ways unimaginable, it also reflects insights on Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation, both essential aspects of survival in the ferocious world of commerce and the growing industrial revolution.

So what does Don Vito and the rest of the Corleone family teach us about Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation?

Lesson #1: It’s nothing personal – it’s strictly business.

In the Mafia world, all efforts, even acts of violence and murder, are justified by one’s desire to protect a business or livelihood, and they are not considered personal attacks but merely a business initiative.Similarly, professional telemarketers should also learn to draw the line between his or her duty and whatever personal biases he or she may have as an individual. When conducting Business-to-Business(B2B) Lead Generation and Appointment Setting, the telemarketer simply represents a certain company, and must not go beyond the business’s established values and goals just for personal gain or prejudice.

Lesson #2: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

As the Don or the head of a prolific Italian-American family in New York, tough competition is to be expected, not only in business but also in power and influence. That is why Don Vito Corleone spends a great deal of money and effort to make sure he knows the whole lot about anyone or anything that can affect his empire. He has a dedicated group of people whose sole task is to keep him informed on what’s going on out there – who’s in charge, what they want, what they do, and how they do it. On a smaller but comparable scale, a good Lead Generation services provider should also have qualified people,tools and resources to keep the pipeline data sufficient and updated. Likewise, they must also be kept posted on what other providers use as methods to gather relevant information about the target market.

Lesson #3: Make them an offer they cannot refuse.

When making business deals, Don Vito sees to it that both sides have something to gain. He offers financial support, protection and security to a businessman in exchange for sheer friendship and loyalty- things he values the most. Every day, professional telemarketers also talk to CEO’s and Managers proposing potential business partnerships. Using their skill, knowledge and charisma, they must nurture the relationship with trust to establish a strong business “friendship”. They must also be flexible to the needs of the prospect in order to work out a deal where both sides can profit and everybody is happy. The point is to make them an offer they cannot refuse – without resorting to Mafia-like crime and violence, of course.

The Advantage Of Telemarketing Services


The Advantage Of Telemarketing Services

Looking for the right marketing tool can be a tough exercise in lead generation. You have to consider the market that you wish to penetrate, not to mention the people who you will be talking to. For some, social media seemed to be doing the trick. For others, sending email blasts works well in generating B2B leads. And there are also those who see telemarketing as their communication medium of choice. It might sound weird for some marketers, especially for the tech-savvy ones, but there is a reason for this.

First of all, there is the direct connection part of marketing and appointment setting. You need a marketing tool that can quickly get in touch with business prospects. In case you wish to reach markets beyond your borders, giving prospective sales leads would definitely by a good idea. There is also the cost issue. Telemarketers can pretty much deliver what you want at a relatively lower cost than what television, print ads, or even online marketing can provide. Besides, time-pressed enterprises can benefit from the faster returns of professional telemarketing service.

In case calling business prospects on the phone is not your strongest card, you can always try outsourcing to a professional lead generation agency. There are plenty of firms around that you can hire. You just have to make the right choice, since the performance of these marketers will also reflect on your business.

Anyway, the use of telemarketing services can bring in lots of benefits for your business.

Telemarketing Surveys: Three Questions To Answer


Telemarketing Surveys - Three Questions To Answer

Conducting a good lead generation campaign requires that you have the most updated information available. And while you can get the needed details from the internet or other sources, time may not be to your advantage. That is why conducting telemarketing surveys seem to be very popular with business owners. You get to directly talk to your prospects, and if you get lucky, be able to glean important details that will help you generate more B2B leads. Of course, before your phone surveys begin, you need to answer three crucial questions:

  1. Do you have the resources to store data? Remember, the person handling your appointment setting process may not be the same person who will personally meet with clients. That is why data entry is important. It is the same principle with your telemarketing surveys. You need to be able to store and keep date easily and reliably.
  2. Can I handle management changes smoothly? This happens when the process to store and analyze data, the people handling it, as well as the skills needed, needed to be changed. This makes yearly comparisons difficult, not to mention forcing employees to learn new skills or spend more time entering new data, instead of analyzing it or using it already.
  3. How sure am I that the data is accurate? This is a question that a lot of marketers ask themselves. People can lie, data can be too outdated for your taste, duplicate content, not to mention failing to update the information due to other factors.

Once you can satisfactorily answer these questions, and if it all leans on the positive, then by all means go ahead with your lead generation and data profiling campaign.

Improve Your Appointment Setting Call Handling


In any appointment setting campaign, calling B2B leads prospects on the phone is a normal activity. After all, identifying business leads and nurturing them for future conversion is not something you can do simply online. Either you talk directly to your prospects or, if not possible, use direct communication tools for it, like telemarketing, as an example. But since we are talking about calling prospects, we need to be good in handling it. So, how will you go about it, then?

First, you should plan your campaign carefully. All lead generation campaigns that fail lack the proper planning in their processes. If you want to be effective in attracting the attention of prospects, you need to prioritize learning what makes them tick. And that requires lots of planning.

Second, build rapport. Banter with them, if you know them already. If not, show them the necessary courtesy and go straight to the point.

Third, inform them of your call. Either by email or another business call, you need to tell them beforehand why you are calling in the first place.

Fourth, ask good questions. You need to know what exactly your prospects are looking for in the first place. Asking them good questions will give you clues about what you can actually offer them.

Lastly, do not waste their time. Time is precious, and you as a marketer should understand that. It is the same thing with your prospects. As a rule, the less time you need to spend in order to tell them your purpose, the better.

ese are just some tips that you can follow in order to be more effective in handling calls for sales leads. Will there be anything else you can add?


The Three People You Need In Sales Leads Marketing


As a business owner, you certainly want make a presence in all aspects of your operations. You have the energy and the determination to make your marketing and lead generation processes succeed. Still, there will come the time that you lose steam, feel sluggish, or simply run out of ideas to propel your firm forward. When this happens, it can pose as a serious stumbling block in the continued success of your company in generating qualified sales leads. But it does not have to be a serious handicap. If you have done your homework right, then you would know that your business will need at least three people to keep things going even when you are no longer around. And these are:


  1. The visionary – this is a person who can visualize the direction of the company 5-10 years from now. Well, they may not be able to foresee what to do the next day, but you do need someone with long-term plans.

  3. The strategist – a visionary sees where your business can go, but it takes a strategist to plan that path out. This is also the person responsible in communicating the vision to those below the business ladder.

  5. The tactician – basically, this person stands in the frontlines, putting the strategist’s plans into effect. If the plan does not pan out right, then it is the tactician’s job to make the necessary deviations to reach the desired goal. They can use various marketing tools like social media or even telemarketing, ensuring the success of their campaign.


The success of your business and its appointment setting processes depends largely on these three people. If make the right hires, then generating B2B leads will not be that hard anymore. Of course, it helps if you can alternate between yourself and them, just to make sure everything is on the right track.

A Reflection of Outbound Telemarketing through Classic Love Songs of the 70’s and 80’s


There are reasons why people never forget songs from the past. First of all, they were written back when songwriters really wrote from the heart, when they used faithful words and metaphors of how they felt at that time. It is also because old songs are universal – although they may tell particular love stories, they may also be applied to almost anything in life.

Say, Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation?

Like a typical cycle of human emotions, Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation also follow a path where every action matters and could either be helpful or detrimental to the goal. It’s easy to understand how the Telemarketing process works by relating them to timeless songs:

Hello (Lionel Richie, 1984)

  • Of course, everything starts with a greeting. This initial contact is one of the most crucial parts of a Telemarketing call. If not done right, a professional telemarketer may not even get to proceed to anything at all.

Getting to Know Each Other (Gerard Kenny, 1980) –

  • Also a make or break stage, this is when the telemarketer tells something about his company and at the same time asks the prospect about certain details relevant to Lead Generation. Although it is not the actual sales pitch yet, asking the wrong questions or introducing impertinent points may ruin the conversation.

Words (Bee Gees, 1977) –

  • Words are all telemarketers have to take a prospect’s heart away. This is it – this is where the real stuff happens. The telemarketer discusses specific information on the goods or services or potential contract details. As expected, the telemarketer would also have to answer the prospect’s curious questions and clarifications.

It Might Be You (Stephen Bishop, 1983) –

  • Depending on the outcome of the product discussion, the prospect may now realize the benefits and likelihood of the proposal. He may give hints that he is interested and may be now ready to take things a step further.

I’d Really Love to See You Tonight (England Dan & John Ford Coley, 1976) -

  • Well, not tonight, but definitely in the future. This is when Appointment Setting is done, usually an in-person meeting with a Sales Executive or a phone call during the prospect’s preferred schedule.

The Search is Over (Survivor, 1985) –

  • The prospect’s meeting with the Sales Executive may seal the deal, and the Telemarketer’s mission is completed, unless otherwise if the deal was not made.

Don’t Throw it All Away (Bee Gees, 1978) –

  • If the prospect declined a business partnership, it’s still considered a lead, but one that has to be recycled and followed-up in the future. It goes back to the Telemarketers work list and may not be touched in the near future until a new need has developed.

Somewhere Down the Road (Barry Manilow, 1981) –

  • A sales call may not always turn out productive, but the good thing about it is that in this industry, “no” is not absolute. As long as Outbound Telemarketing services providers keep records of target information, there will always be opportunities and needs somewhere down the road, and when that time comes, the mission is reborn.
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